Brought up on a farm in the English countryside, Carol Davison has always been close to nature and maintains a simple and yet soulful affinity with all life that surrounds her. Davison is able to capture colours and wonderful aesthetics thus embracing the gift of creation. From the age of eight she began to explore the avenues of her artistic expression, immediately embracing the language of art and taking hold of an incredible skill that confirms her status as an exquisite artist. Through oil on canvas, Davison communicates her vision in an interpretation of composition and colour, in a balanced and perfect control of tone conveyed in a wonderful three-dimensional journey of contrast and form. Davison took lessons in painting for many years and working closely with the artist Paul Stangroom, a teacher who has influenced her greatly. It was only natural that she would focus her attention towards the beauty of nature, using her brushstrokes as the medium to stimulate and provoke the viewer.
Although her father used to tell her “a true Northumbrian doesn't travel”, Davison's curiosity compelled her to gravitate towards adventure, to discover new horizons and consequently to visit the North of India, specifically the spectacular foothills of the Himalayas, which proved to be a revelation for her and her artistic growth. Equally significant was the exotic inspiration that manifested itself from the magnificent surroundings as well as being touched by the warmth of the people and inspired by their colourful garments, jewellery and traditions. Spontaneously, Davison began to take hundreds of pictures of these people going about their daily lives, capturing the authentic moments of the native day to day routine. During her travels Davison took part in Gaddi weddings and a Pūjā, a ritual prayer that had a strong impact on her work.  This culture was very different from anything Davison had ever experienced or imagined and she was profoundly enriched by it.
Davison currently lives in Northumberland where she continues to feed on these experiences, encounters and magical moments. With an almost infinite patience, she ventures through the memories and re-interprets her experiences with profound strength and passion, she transcribes the light, heat, atmosphere and especially the expressions of the people she met in that distant country with an intimacy and clarity as if she were still there living amongst them.